Measurable and quantifiable

This solution focuses on issues related to the protection of knowledge/utility models and the definition of licences, agreements and the exploitation of results.

It has an important effect on the creation of value regarding the various R&D actions. These are fundamental for defining collaboration actions in the H2020 and Open Innovation programmes. It is structured into two types of actions:

Protection of knowledge/
utility models

The aim is to avoid and protect developments from possible "copies", making it possible to optimise investments in R&D, generating brand prestige and recognition and differentiating products from competitors.

Licences, agreements and
exploitation of results

The results of an R&D project can be exploited in different ways depending on the type of results obtained. The owner of an industrial property title (e.g. a patent) can opt for the direct exploitation of the results or transfer the commercial exploitation to a third party by means of conveyance or licence.

Similarly, the results can be exploited commercially through strategic alliances (joint ventures) or the creation of new enterprises as EIBTs (Innovative Technology-Based Enterprise) or spin-offs (enterprises created from other technology businesses or entities)

Another very important part of the exploitation of results, in which GESTINVER Consultores collaborates with its clients, is their publication in specialised magazines, attendance at congresses and/or national and international fairs, etc.

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