Fostering your potential

Public Financing

Processing and management of applications for aid before the various public bodies and in different areas:

International. Basically in the area of the H2020, the position with regard to existing or up-and-coming structures (KICs, EIP, PPPs) is of strategic importance and the work focuses on defining and implementing strategies with regard to the H2020 and ensuring our clients' participation in said programme.

National. Along the different lines of support provided by the CDTI or other instruments that can be drawn from the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation and the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation.

Regional. Along all the specific lines of aid offered in the autonomous communities in which our clients' production facilities are located.

Tax deductions

This includes the following:

Tax deductions for R&D. The preparation of reports and obtaining certificates to apply tax deductions for R&D in corporate tax assessments.

Patent Box. As a way of exploiting results through tax deductions, which requires a specific analysis to determine the real possibilities and the implantation of strategies for their optimisation (adaptation of the structure, definition of agreements and licences, etc.).

Integrated project management

Through the establishment of a project control and monitoring system to ensure their correct implementation in terms of time and budget. This is vital and, in our experience, the results of the project can be reduced and/or greatly affected by inefficient management. Accordingly, as from when each project is launched, we take part in the following:

Definition and monitoring of the action schedule (determination of regular meetings, control points, expenses, etc.).

Direct involvement of staff at GESTINVER Consultores in said processes.

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