Group of companies

GESTINVER Consultores is structured in a way that focuses its targets on its clients' results. Accordingly, we make up work teams in different business areas, since we see it as the best way of offering a service with the quality of our clients
So GESTINVER Consultants is divided into five functional areas: Projects Development Department, Financial Reporting Department, Planning and Resources Department, Accounting and Financial Department and Coordination Department.
Depending on each client's needs, the structure of GESTINVER Consultores is complemented and supported by the professionals working at the other two companies belonging to the same group as GESTINVER Consultores: TEICON Ingeniería and MODOS Arquitectura.

MODOS Arquitectura provides professional technical services in the fields of town planning and architecture, where it has a wealth of experience in the development of projects and senior management for all kinds of buildings, residential complexes, single-family homes, hotels, office buildings, commercial, social and leisure facilities, town planning and consultancy services.

With more than 25 years in business and a prominent regional and national presence, TEICON Ingeniería focuses its activities on industrial engineering, civil engineering, energy production, food engineering, applied mechanical engineering and the environment.

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