Standardisation as a tool

GESTINVER Consultores see standardisation as a means to defining our clients' processes, tools and organisational schemes to speed up and 'standardise’ their R&D internally. Only in certain cases and depending on each company's profile

can it lead to the implantation of an R&D Management System according to the UNE 166000 standard to support the optimisation of R&D management. In short, we see standardisation as a means rather than as an end in itself.

What are the benefits of standardisation?

Besides the standardisation of technological surveillance, GESTINVER Consultores works on the standardisation of projects and on the R&D management system.

Standardisation of
R&D Projects

We apply the following process:

Definition of the project: responsibilities, report on and approach for achieving targets, innovation and novelty of the project, study of the art and protection of ownership of the results.

Planning: phases, tasks, identification and management of risk points and critical points, organisational structure, work schedule control and budget.

Execution and control: monitoring and control of project documentation.

Finalisation and close: exploitation of results, identification of new products and processes, potential market and economic exploitation.

Standardisation of the
R&D Management System/strong>

We apply the following process:

Planning of the innovation management system.

Use of innovation tools.

Generation and selection of ideas.

Planning, control and implementation of innovation projects.

Measurement, control and improvement of the innovation management system.

Management of know-how and technology.