International expansion is one of the key issues to improving business competitiveness. GESTINVER Consultores is aware of this and is committed to helping our clients improve their positioning through participation in international tenders and cooperation programmes.

On a European scale, we advise our clients to take part in programmes such as HORIZON 2020, which finances research projects, technological development, demonstration and innovation in different technical areas. We also recommend the LIFE programme, which finances innovative environmental projects.

On an international scale, we find the most appropriate financing options depending on the target country. R&D projects have been won with Ibero-American countries in recent years

Identification of opportunities.
Selection of consortia and search for partners.
Preparation of proposals and coordination of projects.
Negotiation of agreements with international bodies.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in the management of international programmes since the 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission. They have worked on the preparation, management and coordination of numerous international projects in different areas of business.

Definition of the scope of the project and viability study

Search for financing options

Identification of partners in target countries

Over the last 20 years, GESTINVER Consultores has generated a set of collaboration agreements with different European and Latin American consultancy firms. This allows us to offer a capacity for effective, global action in any type of project.

We are aware that participation in this type of international programme means competing with the best and this involves risk and hard work, but we are convinced that there are also many benefits to be gained:

The following are some of the international programmes for which we provide support:

R&D European programs

H2020 LIFE+

Multilateral programs


Bilateral programs

Canadá Japón China Corea India Sudáfrica

Specific programs funded by countries like

Chile Colombia México
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