Project management

As a technology consultant, GESTINVER Consultores specialises in comprehensive R&D management in areas as varied as the processing of aid for research, development, innovation and international expansion, the preparation of reports to obtain certificates required for the application of tax deductions, the definition of strategies and action plans, strategic
intelligence and surveillance, Open Innovation management, the protection of know-how and the exploitation of the results obtained from the R&D projects, the definition of organisational schemes to optimise internal R&D management and the management and coordination of projects that form part of European and international programs.

We structure innovation project management in four areas


The aim of this solution is to establish a number of R&D services that provide horizontal support for the company before the projects are developed. This aims to help our clients obtain real value-added from their subsequent R&D activities.



We analyse our clients' innovation activities to determine their potential for obtaining public financing and other tax benefits. We also provide comprehensive management for each project.



This solution focuses on issues related to the protection of know-how/utility models and the definition of licences and contracts and the exploitation of results.



GESTINVER Consultores sees standardisation as a means to defining our clients' processes, tools and organisational schemes to speed up and 'standardise’ their R&D internally.



Experience reveals how many businesses that develop innovation projects in-house without previously setting their long-term lines of research suffer from inefficiency, losses in value and even potential threats. It is also very common for this type of company to have an 'event-based’ R&D management model rather than other strategic ideas that focus more on the long term.

Based on this belief, GESTINVER Consultores offers its clients the possibility of adopting a scheme for defining R&D projects based on the following structure:

This allows us to set bases to establish a working structure focused on results. As part of this scheme or vision, the question that needs to be asked is: where do we apply actions in R&D? The answer is obvious: wherever it makes us more efficient. In issues such as reducing development time for each project, improving the use of resources and obtaining possible energy savings in production processes.

In particular, we recommend the creation of small working parties whose exclusive mission is the development of R&D, which achieves the following:

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