Added value to your project

The aim of this solution is to establish a number of R&D services that provide horizontal support for the company before the projects are developed.
This helps our clients obtain real value-added from their subsequent R&D activities. This solution includes the following actions:

Definition of strategy

Definition of a global in-house strategy or a strategy for specific actions.

Transfer of the strategy to specific concepts related to our clients' business and real possibilities.

Definition of an action plan that organises activities according to priority.

Strategic intelligence and

Systematic observation and search for signs of change to turn them into knowledge that enables decision-taking, together with the monitoring of the exploitation of results.

Search for technological solutions to each company's problems.

Enable relations between those responsible for technological surveillance, regardless of whether they are in-house or experts from GESTINVER Consultores, and those who are to receive the knowledge and are closer to production, providing common terminology, identifying relations, possible synergies and complements between the different activities, as well as helping each one to understand their responsibility.

Open Innnovation

Evaluating proposals on the market as a source of information or managing the development of specific projects under this concept. In this case, we consider a two-fold value-added:

Knowledge of the dynamics of this type of working methods and how to proceed.

Acting as a firewall to protect our clients' confidentiality.

The role played by GESTINVER Consultores is based on the generation of value-added from the capacity for filtering information, adapting it to each client's specific requirements and transforming it into useful knowledge that is applicable in the right place at the right time. We do not limit our intervention to transmitting information, but rather implement it to facilitate the decision-taking process. Accordingly, we use the following:

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