Professional ethics at the service of our clients

At GESTINVER Consultores, we are very aware that the demands of the market, the expectations that are created and the fact that they are growing in intensity requires behaviour that is ethical, transparent and honest.

At GESTINVER Consultores, we strive not only to do what is legal, but also what is correct. Our consultants have high ethical and professional standards and demonstrate this on a daily basis by working effectively, responsibly and rigorously. They are fully aware that doing what is right means working in accordance with the letter and spirit of the laws that govern their professions and the global market.

These characteristics form the foundations for reputation and they are one of the signs of identity of the GESTINVER brand; under no circumstance will we compromise these values.

As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, GESTINVER Consultores undertakes to maintain the professional secrecy of all its actions at all times and submits to the strictest criteria of confidentiality in its relations with its clients. In particular, GESTINVER Consultores undertakes to accept, keep and safeguard the confidential information given to it by its client and to use the appropriate procedures to control the confidential information. GESTINVER Consultores also undertakes to ensure that those of its consultants who have had access to the confidential information are aware of their obligations as per the non-disclosure agreements and will adhere to the undertaking to secrecy and confidentiality.

Finally, at GESTINVER Consultores, we undertake not to provide confidential information to any third party without prior consent in writing from the client. We also make sure that, if we have obtained said authorisation, the third party signs a non-disclosure agreement under the corresponding terms and conditions.

All these commitments are included in specific clauses in all the service level agreements to ensure the client's absolute trust in the professional services provided by the team at GESTINVER Consultores.

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