Businesses with ambition

Our clients are businesses with ambition that are looking to implement R&D and innovation projects and invest in production infrastructures individually or in conjunction with other companies on a regional, national or international scale. We work with companies in any business sector. At GESTINVER Consultores, we cannot say we have a standard type of client. Our work begins with a rigorous analysis of our client's actual situation: its performance, competitors, clients and the competitive environment in which it operates.
As we understand its particular situation and with its organisational context and culture in mind, we provide a unique, innovative solution that has an immediate and long-term impact. Our clients are SMEs, large enterprises and national and multinational industrial corporations. The client is and always will be the raison d'être of GESTINVER Consultores, as shown by the analysis of some of the following figures.
The results our clients have obtained, their loyalty to our firm and the fact that more and more companies from every sector in Spain and abroad show their interest in our services confirm that we are on the right road. These are some of the companies we have supported for many years:
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